Pumpkin Picking

Yesterday I took Lucas to go pick out our pumpkin. This will be our real first holiday together and I am stoked. Lucas has an adorable costume for Trick ‘r’ Treatin’ and he is really into the whole concept of, ‘If I look cute, I get candy’ which is basically what I’ve been telling him.


Lucas originally wanted a large pumpkin, but when he realized that pumpkins were heavy, he opted for the smaller ones.


He found the perfect pumpkin and was running around with it screaming “Poooooompkun! Pooooompkun!!”

Then we had to drive the tractor which was a big hit. Lucas loves to drive. We have one of those Hummers for toddlers and he plays with it outside for hours on end. When he got to drive the tractor, he was thrilled.



Let me now add that it wasn’t a real tractor. It was some old broken down tractor that Lucas was entirely too happy to see. He immediately climbed up there, fell on his but, then cried until I sat him up on the seat.

And look how tall he is! He is the tallest in his class at preschool. And he’s also the most disruptive. He’s had 4 red papers in the past 5 classes. If Lucas gets a red paper in his behavior chart/slot, then it means he’s been very bad, he goes to time out and doesn’t get the end of the day treat. If he gets a green paper, then he’s been excellent all day and gets the end of the day treat and a gold star on his behavior chart. If it’s a yellow paper, he’s been to time out once, and hasn’t been very super, but he got better throughout the day.


His teacher wants us to practice good behavior at home, which we do. Lucas still has problems hearing though and I think that’s the problem. But he’s speaking better and hopefully by the end of the year we can all finally understand him.

– Joseph

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Happy 32 month Birthday!

Happy 32 month birthday Lucas! 4 more months until you are a three year old! Lucas and I went to the local festival a week or so ago and had a blast. He is excelling in preschool, and he really seems as if his disabilities are not even bothering him. He has been just growing away physically and mentally and developmentally. His speech is through the roof. We increased his speech therapy to 3 times a week, and he goes to special classes at preschool for half an hour. He can now say, clearly

Park (it sounds more like ‘part’ but hey close enough)

This is so big for him and he is really just blossoming. If we can keep this up, he might be testing at a normal range for speech soon. Currently he is testing at a 21 month level for speech, and a bit past 2 years for physical development. I’m not sure exactly.

I loved that Lucas went straight for the Marines helicopter. We talk about Uncle Matty a lot. Especially now that he has been flown back to Afghanistan to complete his deployment. He has been diagnosed with PTSD, but he is back in full health and is on medication which he will continue to take while in Afghanistan.

He enjoyed the helicopter, but he had to intention to ride it again. He did so good at Disney I’m not sure why he was apprehensive here.


The slide was probably a favorite. I think he rode about 20 times.

I’m not joking.


I went up with him at first. But after the first, I was out. Lucas had to do it himself if he wanted to do it again. And he did.




Face painting was a must, and our new favorite movie is Nemo, so we had to get Nemo-ized.


This is my favorite picture of him and will go in the header image on the blog when I get some more pictures together that are good quality. He just looks so little, but dignified and boyish.


Yes, we won a Nemo.


And a real Nemo.


Our friend Leighton has a fish pond that we donated Nemo to. He can see Nemo and Leighton whenever he likes! He is just a tad young to care for a fish, and a tad ‘i really dont care about my fish after the first day.’

A few little kids told me afterwards that Luka kept saying to himself, “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.”
A phrase Leah says all the time…. Melt me.


Luka and Mr. Randal rode the bumper cars, and Luka and I were so proud of Luka for doing it, but he was an exasperated mess of tears at the end.


By the way, do you like the new hair? Luka got a haircut a few days ago. It’s already long again, but he looked good while it lasted! (Well, he always looks good.. 😛 )

Lucas, you are just g-r-o-w-i-n-g, and I love watching you grow. You make me so happy, and I love you beyond words.

Keep it up little man!

– Joseph

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Stroller Shopping

Lucas’ second hand Graco stroller broke. It got stuck when it was folded, so in a hurry I slammed it on the ground and the handle actually broke. I felt like the Hulk.

So I got stuck carrying Lucas. All over Los Angeles. For about 5 hours. Sometimes I thank him for being underweight and light, but every passing second he felt heavier and heavier.

So this week I’ve been stroller shopping. I have been stared at, given nasty looks at, and been asked if I needed assistance. Can you tell already that I felt totally lost? I ended up buying two strollers. A small lightweight one for just a short little walk or to keep in the car (which I also just bought, I am super excited) when we decide to stop somewhere unexpectedly, and a larger one for longer walks and outings.

The lightweight one I bought was by UppaBaby. The G-LUXE is just perfect for Lucas. This is the one I bought…


It’s under 11 pounds, reclines for when Lucas wants to sleep, and has a cup holder for either Lucas or I. I love the colors because they are so bright and Lucas likes how comfortable it is. Having it be washable was also important, and it is. And folding it and unfolding it is a synch.

The other one I bought was a Maclaren Techno XLR. Take my breath away.
I didn’t think I could love a stroller so much.

Here was my list of essentials:
– Not bulky
– Storage
– Cup holder
– Pockets
– Shade for Lucas
– Maneuverability
– Easy folding
– Bright
– Washable
– Can be used for a long time
– 4 Stars or higher
– Lucas likes it
– Lucas can easily climb into it, but not out.


This is the one we bought, and it has everything. It holds up to 65 pounds which Lucas probably wont reach until he is 10, its durable, has flawless maneuverability, it’s not bright but I still like the dark brown/black. It has a 5 star rating, Lucas loves it, oh and you can buy an extra storage basket that slips over the handles for car keys, pacifiers, etc. (I also bought that add-on for $25)

This may be just me, but I feel like I earned my Mommy Shopper award this time.

– Joseph

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Swimming in October and Staples in the Head

Yes, Lucas and some of his little friends went swimming in October. Southern California hasn’t quite cooled down, so we enjoyed some beautiful weather in our pool.

Fearless Lucas loves to jump from the cliff. He always asks of Finn can do it with him. Oh lord!


He got Crobsy to come up with them and Crobsy was hilarious making faces and sounds and screaming. What a silly guy.


Lucas is getting so big. At least in this picture he does. He looks big some days, and like a little baby other days.


We also fed some ducks and Lucas loved it. It was one of those ‘what do we do today’ days again. I think Lucas enjoys it. It’s pretty spontaneous so we may be going home, then I see some kids feeding ducks and instead drive over to a pond. Look at that follow through though. He may grow up to play basketball. He has the height for it.


He went to miss Lola’s birthday party too! Miss Lola turned 2 years old and she had a big bounce house party. Lucas watches that kids TV show with the little girl named Lola and the way he says it just cracks me up. He says “Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhlah” in a raspy, tongue-rolling voice.
He said “Happy Bir’dee Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuhlah” It was hilarious and Lola looked terrified.

The little boy bending over is Crobsy and Lucas was by his side all day. He definitely got a plateful of Crobsy this week.


There was a decent amount of blood here yesterday too. At preschool Lucas fell of the slide and smashed his head in the ground. It wasn’t pavement thank god, but it was a softer ground. (I have no idea what it is called) He cut open his head and he kept seizing and blacking out. After some staples in the back of his head and an overnight stay because he wasn’t breathing well, we were released. Lucas asked if he could keep his oxygen mask that he had to wear and was sadly disappointed when Dr. Morgan said no. He wanted to include it in his halloween costume. Which is a puppy. Sure Lucas…

Your welcome, too.

Lucas’ head was was pretty wide open and I did not document it. Probably because I almost puked, and probably because I never got to see it fully because Lucas went in an ambulance to the hospital where I met him. So for those of you who get queasy.. your welcome.

– Joseph

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I Can Dress Myself

Lucas dressed himself all by himself today. Actually, he just picked out his clothes. I am pretty much a die-hard Dodgers fan, and it’s hard to turn a die-hard Tigers fan into a Dodgers fan. So when baseball is on Lucas goes to one room and I go to the other to watch the game. Whenever we go shopping and we pass a stuffed Tiger or Tiger merchandise, Lucas wants it, and I reluctantly get it and to make up for it I buy him a Dodgers hat or something. He has never worn anything Dodgers. He has worn Colorado Rockies. He actually has a Rockies hat that he loves. He has worn Braves, Yankees, and even Red Sox. But no Dodgers. I hate to say it but I’m about to give up. At least he knows what he likes.


We went to the park and afterwards we went out to lunch and the waiter asked Lucas who is favorite player was. He responded with “Lucas.” The waiter thought it was funny but honestly Lucas truly believes that he plays for the Detroit Tigers. I always knew he had big dreams, and a big imagination. When asked again though he said “Daddy Earth.” I don’t know, I think Danny Worth and Daddy Earth are the same thing to a 2 year old.


Lucas is getting much better at talking. He’s been doing great at learning to enunciate and speak clearly, but motor skills wise and coordination wise he isn’t excelling. He tells everybody his name very clearly, along with other names, his address, and his birthday. He is learning how to string more words together and he says the funniest things. When he wants more juice, he says “I eated water”, when we wants to go outside he says “outside go Lucas, go!” and when he is bored he says “is Lucas bod?” with the most inquisitive look on his face. He is very possessive. He’s been getting in trouble at preschool for telling everybody that the stuff there is his. His toys, his books, his rug, his snacks. He just loves to talk right now and I love listening to him.


When he walked onto the field here he asked me with the most serious and concerned look on his face..

“Where my Tigers at, the game late?”

Which means ‘Where are my Tigers at, are they late to the game?’

Not my proudest moment, for I would have loved to hear him say Dodgers, but it was adorable nonetheless.

– Joseph

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Happy 31 month Birthday!!

Lucas is 31 months old! Only 5 more months until 3?? No way.

Lucas, you are doing great considering everything you have gone through lately. You are a total trooper. Daddy had to take you to preschool today even though you don’t usually go on Mondays. He had a lot of stuff to do today like go to school, sort mail, and pay all your medical bills. He also had an appointment at his doctor for his heart. Daddy passed with waving colors. (Not flying colors because it wasn’t the best checkup) He picked you up at preschool where I got a great report of you telling everybody about your special ears. You actually screamed it at them. Lucas, kid, only you have special ears. 🙂
You also played house with Miss Leighton and were the sweetest to your doll. You tried to feed your doll blocks but if that’s what you want, go for it.
You also saw Crobsy and freaked out because you haven’t seen him in a while. You tried to wander into his classroom and Ms. J had to pick you up and you started crying. You sure love Mr. Crobs. I wonder if you will always call him Crobsy instead of Crosby.

After preschool we went to Target and picked out our Thanksgiving turkey. Looks good right?


You sure do bring so much joy. You are talking so much more although nobody can actually understand you. We can pick up a word here and there but to most people it’s as if your’e speaking cling-on. Your favorite thing to say is “I hub speka erz.” (I have special ears) You told all of Target that today and yesterday you told the whole grocery store. You point out all the dogs now as dogs, and not cows like you used to. However you sometimes ask why they are not yellow or green like in your book, ‘Go Dog, Go’. Cats and bugs are still cows though.

We were looking at shoes a few days ago after you were discharged and you pointed at every one saying “Nuh…. Nuh… Nuh…. Nuh.” When we got home you grabbed your sandals and said “yeah”.
We had to get a picture of your cute little feet.


Once you start not throwing cups we can start using super boy cups. Which, of course, means no lids. Until then, enjoy your sippy/straw cups.

This is your clean face Luka. Not so clean is it…
You loooove PB&J. You ask for it all the time.


A cute moment I had with you Lucas that I will share, is when you were eating lunch yesterday. I was drinking coffee and I put some pieces of chocolate in it. You came up to me at the table and asked what I was drinking.
Lucas: What that
Daddy: It’s coffee.
Lucas: I see.
Daddy: See? (I show him the cup)
Lucas: (Smells it)
Lucas: Hey you got ca-co in yo’ sippy!!

Yes Lucas, Daddy puts ca-co in his sippy.


Lucas, I’m becoming more and more proud of you every day. You are so energetic and loving. You love to watch Elmo and you are so smart when you watch Dora. I remember a few weeks ago I said goodnight to you and as I closed your door you whisper, Adios…

I could not stop laughing.

Nothing really big on the development front. He has pretty much plateau-ed but really I think he is hiding what he knows.

Happy Birthday Lucas, You are a great little guy.

– Joseph

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Lucas’ Journey – Epilepsy to Hearing Loss and Beyond

I’m tempted to change this blog title from, “The Lucas Life” to “Lucas’ Journey”


Because this has become more than Luka’s life. It has become a journey to get Better health, and get his development on track. It has become an everyday struggle for him to succeed in what he does. It’s more of his journey bouncing from hospital to hospital rather than with his life with me and what he does everyday.

I’m just not sure I want to change it.

Lucas has been bouncing in and out of hospitals this week. He was admitted for a 24 hour EEG last weekend, then for 2 days while he started the ketogenic diet to control his seizures. He was discharged and then continued our normal routine of preschool and therapy. On Friday we went to speech therapy where they screened him for any hearing impairment. To really no surprise, he is half deaf. He has sensorineural hearing loss. It’s caused by damage to the cochlea by problems at birth, heredity, or medical problems. Lucas does complain of ear aches. Not so much complaining though as tilting his head a certain way or crying for hours on end. He only has hearing loss in one ear (hence, half deaf) and he actually can hear out of his ear, but he can’t hear normal pitched conversation. For example, if I was talking to you at the grocery store. Lucas wouldn’t be able to hear that out of his deaf ear. Since Lucas can hear out of his other ear, he can still hear it is just not clear or loud enough for him to totally comprehend. This would be why he never talked until about 23 months or still cannot speak properly or understand what I ask of him.

Lucas is doing good though. He will still go to preschool and therapy. He just needs to be helped. He needs people to know that they need to talk louder or use pictures with him. They need to know that he is special and needs more attention because he will do things you tell him not to, and he will be very confused when you reprimand him for it. Lucas is special. Lucas was always special.

We now tell him that he has special ears and he needs to listen very hard and ask people to say something twice or to speak louder. He can’t sit next to a stereo or tv and expect to be called on and hear what he needs to do. He needs to wear a child leash or be carried or hold hands with me or a guardian because if he runs off, he may not hear you call after him. His needs are becoming the most important thing- they always were. Luka has a problem, and it has finally been caught.
He has myoclonic-atonic epilepsy, and sensorineural hearing loss in one ear.

After a long week of being in and out and on the run every which way, it’s nice to just lay down with your blankies for a quality nap.


Also, Lucas has been on the ketogenic diet for a week now, and has not had a single seizure. He is still extremely finicky about his new food, but I’d rather endure endless screams and tantrums about not wanting -blank- for dinner than watch him seize.


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