I Love You

I wanted to write this while it was on my mind and while I had the time to do so. Lucas is currently at his Uncle Matt’s house and I have nothing else to do, thank god. It always surprises me how much Lucas changes and grows throughout the day, week, and month. I feel as if I blink that you will be a senior in San Clemente High. I just wanted to write the things I love about you, Lucas, so that you and I can look back on your childhood together and keep memories alive. So here we go.

– I love the way you climb out of your crib at 6AM and sit on me until I wake up.
– I love the way you scrunch your face up.
– I love the way you rub your tummy when your hungry because you cant say the word ‘hungry’
– I love the way you open doors and say “Lets go, come oonnnnnn”
– I love the way you smell like apples after your bath
– I love how much you’re so amused with filling up and dumping out your little blue plastic cup in the bath
– I love your smile. How happy you always are.
– I love the way you look at me with such love and proud-ness, and safety.

I think its adorable when…
– You never fail to break the locks on all the baby gates.
– You turn the oven on and off and on and off and on and off and on and off obsessively.
– You turn the light-switch up and down and up and down.
– You hide my keys
– You kick your feet in your stroller and your shoe flies off
– You hug your cousin, Finn
– You make sure Finn is A-okay no matter what
– You get stuck inside your shirt trying to get undressed

You make me laugh when…
– You run into the sliding door into the backyard
– You sing the ‘I love you’ song
– You say “RAAWWWRR” for the animal noise of every animal.
– You eat your meals and bob your head left and right while you chew.
– You spit out your food for Finn because thats what mommy birds do for baby birds.

I love you Lucas. You do the cutest, most adorable, funniest things.. and even though they may make me angry at you. My anger never lasts. You are the best 2 year old I could ever ask for.
I cant wait to continue seeing you grow.

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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