Crib Critter

We were released from the EMU on Friday night with no diagnosis because his doctor doesn’t want to give extra medications to a toddler, which I must say, I agree with.

So Saturday night I left Luka with his Uncle Matt and I went out for a much needed break from parenting. I came to pick Luka up around 2am, and we went home. When I was putting him in his crib, I noticed just how big he is. Now he’s generally small for his age, but his head was touching one end of the crib, and his feet were touching the other end! So my June commitment is getting my little crib critter into a big boy bed that I bought for him in April.

This morning started a few hours ago for us. Luka wakes up at 6am on the dot, and I groggily follow behind him at 6:30am. Our morning routine consists of making coffee for myself, making breakfast which is usually vegan pancakes, insisting that Luka eat his food instead of pretending to be Dumbo, forcing 2 pills down his throat, and taking my own array of 6 medications. Then I’ll put on the TV for Luka while I get in the shower. Afterwards I’ll get him dressed, and we’ll start our day. This whole thing usually takes us until 8:30 or 9am. Today it took us a bit longer because Luka just haaaaddd to tell me about the time he had at Uncle Matt’s house last night.

“We went to da park and I swinged really high an’ Finny was swingin’ next ta me an’ I got off and I played on da playgroun’ and we went home and I ate a taco and I gave aaallllll my veggies to Wupert because he told me he wanted dem and I had a baf with Finny and me an’ Finny played cars and Finny tried ta eat the cars so I said, “No no no Finny that is not a good food group! Here have my sippy.” and we did otha stuffs but I forgot and I slept!! ” — Luka’s day at Matt’s.

Putting Luka back to bed


Waking up!


“I went potty TWO times Daddy”


Some quick pre-breakfast basketball


And now, we are playing cars. The only thing appealing to a 2 year old boy.


– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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