Where can I hide!?

Luka will be 28 months old this Sunday!!!

He still hasn’t hit all of his 25-27 month milestones, but he’s come so far since I first got him. Just a little recap; when his mom gave him to me he was a few weeks past 26 months old and all he could do was walk upstairs with help, throw a ball, speak about 30 words, he was still in a crib, and was very shy. Now, thanks to PT and ST, he can make towers with blocks, look at a picture and describe it, he knows about 150 words (less/more), can speak clearly than before, can walk upstairs and downstairs without help, he can take his pants off, he can sweep the floors with his toddler broom, he can put a puzzle together, hold silverware, and he’s finally in a big boy bed!

I feel like I know Im doing a good job with him even though compared to all the other parents who, I know are a lot older, are doing even better and bragging about their child’s accomplishments.

Anyways. Luka is really into hide and seek right now.
He was hanging out in the guest room that never has any guests so it may be remade into an office or playroom. Look at that gigantic bed with the baby doll sized body watching Little Einsteins on DVD. Precious.


These blue eyes… I can barely handle them. Whenever he opens his eyes all big and sweet he gets whatever he wants and he knows it. I must not give in!


Where should I hide? The bathroom cabinet looks comfy! Too bad my little foot wont fit in with the rest of my body.


Also, Im almost finished with Luka’s train room, and I’ll post pictures when its complete.

He also got into the TV remote today and found the news channel where he saw fires and ambulances and got scared. So now Im letting him help make an evacuation plan and disaster kit.
– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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