Design, Development, and Cousins.

Since I lost our Disney camera with all our pictures, I decided to make it up by taking a bunch of pictures of Lucas. Luckily, I got to babysit my nephew and got some adorable pictures of Lucas and his cousin Finn together.

Finn is 7 months old, and the cutest, bubbliest, and most extraordinary baby in the world. He had a blast playing in Luka’s room with him, and I had a blast feeding him solids instead of bottles. Is it just me, or do babies grow up faster than toddlers?

Finn’s new talent is pulling up on anything and everything, and he decided to practice that on the table.


All Hell broke loose when Finn decided to derail Percy.


Bath buddies! Bathing Lucas is hard enough, adding Finn to the mix made it take 10 minutes longer, and our bathroom turned into a swamp with all the splishy-splashy nonsense. Afterwards they dried off in their animal towels which I love. I wish they made them in adult sizes. I would buy three.


Finn in his towel! Growing up too fast, my friend.


Feeding Time!



Anyways, as promised in my post on the 15th, I have finished Luka’s big boy room! (train themed for the train fiend)



The train table took so long to put together. I really need to improve my handyman ability.





Here are some pictures of Lucas that I just never got the time to upload. His development is coming along slowly but surely, he has grown 2 inches, and is now a whopping 37 inches tall and a grand 29 pounds. He is quite underweight, but eating all the Disney food has sure helped him gain weight. He is talking more little by little and therapy is really helping him come along.

Here’s my sleepy little boy face.


Here’s my happy little boy face.


Here’s my little sports star.


And here, is my sun worshipper who has insisted on playing on his car city rug outside with juice.


– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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