Broken Bones and Celebrations

It has been quite eventful this past week. The morning of the 29th I was carrying Luka downstairs for breakfast and as we were walking downstairs, BAM, I go tumbling down along with Mr. Luka.
Luka said he was fine, but I knew I wasn’t. We went to the hospital courtesy of 911 because nobody I know is awake at 6am like we are, and I couldn’t move at all. We got to the hospital and I got some X-Rays and found out that my ankle was practically destroyed. I broke my fibula completely in half, had a hairline fracture in my tibia, and had ripped the ligaments in my ankle. So they put my in a non-walking walking boot until the swelling goes down for a plaster, paired me with some crutches, and we went home after Luka was diagnosed with a minor sprained thumb. Thank god it wasn’t that bad– or was it?

Luka starts complaining about 3 hours after we got home about his knee hurting. I called up Uncle Matt to take us back to the hospital, and they did some x-rays on Luka’s knee and leg. He was fine. He did however have a black and blue bruise on the top of his foot. I asked for another x-ray, and with some persuasion, they did one more to find out that Lucas had a tiny toddler hairline fracture on his tibia as well!

So Lucas was automatically placed with a plaster cast below the knee as pictured. He can walk on it too so thats good for us.


Here is my lovely non-walking boot.


And here is my lovely blue plaster cast to match Luka’s after surgery on the 2nd. I’ll be wearing for 2-3 months, have rigorous PT, and be in crutches and a wheelchair for the whole time. Yippee.


If you noticed, we both have a cast on our left legs. We are even more alike by the minute.


I will also squeeze in our 4th of July!

On the 2nd, Lucas was with his babysitter and ‘snuck’ some sticks, rocks, and grass down his cast. I didn’t know about this until later when he pulled out his ‘sword’ (a stick) when I was changing him. So back to the hospital where they took an x-ray and said “you know what, we don’t even think he needs the cast.” So we got an ACE Bandage instead to wrap his ankle in when he goes walking around.

Our street had a little parade with the kids this afternoon which was too cute. Here is Lucas in all his glory. Lucas kept saying “Happy July” to everyone. Hey, the kid wants the joy to last longer than a day! Here he is eating breakfast in his wagon.


Uncle Ames (my friend’s dad) was here to help me out with the celebrations. Here they are feeding popsicles to each other.


And there they are checking out the “policey car”


After the parade we drove to Hollywood to watch the parade at the Pacific Palisades. Lucas enjoyed seeing everyone so excited for the “Happy July” as he likes to say now.
After that parade, we hung out at California Vegan – the best place on Earth, then we drove up to the Hollywood Bowl to watch the fireworks. Tickets were about $80 each for all three of us which was a rip off. They only had it so expensive because of the special performance by Barry Manilow. (who is this guy?)
But we sat through it reluctantly, got threatened to be kicked out because Lucas kept talking and laughing, and I will say, I will NEVER go back here to watch fireworks. They are rude, disorganized, and a waste of money. The only good thing was an amazing view of all the fireworks going off around us.

The intrigued eyes waiting for some booms, crackles, and pops.


And of course, the best place to be when you’re tired and scared.. daddy’s lap.


I wish I could have made our first holiday together better for you Lucas, but I promise, the next one you will be blown away by.

Hope you all had a great 4th!

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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