“Where Elmo At??”

“Where Emmo? Where Emmo at?”
Is all Lucas would say yesterday as we drove 4 hours up to Elmo, California to see my cousin ask his girlfriend to marry him as she left work to come home. It was nothing too dramatic or romantic, but just a simple diamond engagement ring from the Leo Schachter collection, and a few nervous smiles, which made for a yes from the new bride, and tears from the new groom.

I told Lucas we were going to Elmo the day before yesterday, and wow did I regret that. He was so excited to go see Elmo.. ya-know.. the big red furry guy from Sesame Street. Unfortunately we were going to Elmo, the place. Disappointment will now kick in.

It was alright though. Lucas got to meet my cousin. I don’t know the relationship they have. Would he be considered Luka’s cousin as well? Who knows, but they met and they hit it off quite well.

Here’s Lucas on a candy-high showing off his ‘priceless’ assortment of Elmo gear.
He even made me use his Elmo diapers for each time I changed him. The kid is crazy for Elmo.




Also, Luka’s behavior is just horrible lately. I’m currently taking him to a therapist because he isn’t having temper tantrums and this isn’t the usual ‘terrible twos’ its much worse. I hope he’s just acting out because he is missing his mom. If so, I also hope that I can help him out without including his mom in this situation.

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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4 Responses to “Where Elmo At??”

  1. Poor kid – you built him up.
    You cousin invited you to watch him propose?

    • thelukalife says:

      Yeah I know I did. I still feel bad for him. It resulted in an early Christmas present– Tickle Me Elmo.
      Also, yes, he invited myself, my brother and his family, and his girlfriend’s parents because he wanted to have the people who loved them most be around to watch.

      • That’s interesting. I don’t think I would have ever done that. I am curious of the details and how it felt to watch.

      • thelukalife says:

        I think an engagement should be personal, not public, so I’d have to agree. It felt strange to watch because it was so emotional between them I think we all felt like third wheels. We stood behind him, waited for her to come out, she spotted us, he got on one knee, and she freaked out. We left afterwards so they could have time to be a newly engaged couple, and my brother and his family, Lucas, and I all went to Starbucks.
        But we will be traveling back and forth to Elmo to help put together the wedding as they would like to be married this year if possible.

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