Toddler Boredom Help??

As a single teen dad the main thing I struggle with is finding things to do with Lucas. I had three little siblings but they died early on from diseases that made them almost impossible to play with. I used to babysit my friend’s brother but he was 5 years old and was more involved with his toys.
I just don’t know what to do with Lucas. He’s getting bored of going to the park everyday, hanging out at the beach, and playing in forts I build for him. I can’t think of things to do that can intrigue him enough to actually sit down and wonder what it does or how to do it, etc. He loves the things he does at physical therapy but I can’t provide him with the spider cage and balancing things and everything else that PT has to offer.

I would love to find things that can help his development as he is testing at a 23-24 month level and is almost 2 and a half. I just don’t have the creativity of a mom who can think of anything and the kid is just drawn to it. I’m more of the- ‘here’s cartoon network, have fun watching it’ type of guy but I only allow 2 hours of TV or movie time in the morning when I’m making breakfast and taking a shower. We have tried alone time in his room or the playroom/guest room but he likes it when I’m in the room with him which defeats the general purpose of alone time.

I have been on pinterest, babycenter, google, bing, and all of the not mentioned and tried everything. I don’t want to buy him new toys but sometimes that’s all I can think of doing.

Can anyone suggest or comment on how they keep their 2 year old busy and boredom-free?

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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10 Responses to Toddler Boredom Help??

  1. Leah says:

    Joey! You should have called me! I have great ideas you know!! 😀
    Finn loves Lucas- you are always welcome to stop by. Also, what happened to the swim lessons? Does he still go to those? Hmm.. try getting some canvas or a white tshirt and let him paint his little heart out. Always fun! Edible play-doh is fun as well- i’ll email a recipe to you. If you want to try imaginative play you can buy a cheap backpack at the store, and play ‘school’l It will get him ready for preschool this August as well. A cardboard box can be turned over and used as a stove. A carboard box turned over, with a hole in the middle cut out, and a shoebox taped underneath can be a sink, etc. You get it.
    Mom’s don’t always have it down too!
    Tell Lulu we say hello. Love you guys!

  2. Joseph says:

    He hasn’t started the swim lessons yet, but we are about to. The tshirt is a good idea.. ai let him paint all over me yesterday when we had a lazy day and he loved it. Also, the imaginary play. Leah… two thumbs up my friend.

  3. Oster's Mom says:

    We go to the library once or twice a week. There is usually a structured story-time where books are read and there’s time for socializing. You can also take him to an indoor or outdoor mall. There are usually play areas there.

    I take my 14-month-old on a walk after breakfast (30 minutes); when we get home, I get him dressed and we play, read, or go to the store.

    Get some cheap crayons and some coloring pages. Does he like the outdoors? I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors digging and finding bugs.

    I also work with him on word recognition and reading literacy. Although mundane, I always repeat colors to him for every item he touches.

    I hope this gives you some ideas.

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks so much! That really gave me some good ideas. We will especially be digging for bugs outside. And the color repeating is a good idea too. I always spend time with him saying words, colors, and numbers since his speech his so underdeveloped but I’ve never repeated things. I will definately be repeating the color and even the item when Luka touches one as well.

  4. From age 1.5 to now (3.5), my kids have loved pouring and dumping water. I fill a bucket or turn the hose on at a trickle (or fill the tub inside) and hand my kids a spoon and a couple cups or bowls. It helps with coordination and learning about volume and physics (really!) and the kids stay busy for a long time. They also like using pots and pans–pretending to cook, filling and dumping smaller toys, pretending they’re drums…Good luck! Keeping a toddler occupied can be hard work!

    • Joseph says:

      Lucas loves that as well. When we go to the pool or the beach he insists he brings his ‘tucket’ to fill up with water. Sometimes I’ll bring a few cups like you said and then he starts to believe that he can capture all the water in his ‘tucket’ and ‘puc’ That keeps him busy for a while until it becomes mundane for him. I would have never involved Lucas in the kitchen but after reading some of the blogs on here I think it would be a good idea. He usually shakes the baby gate so much that it becomes loose enough for him to take down. I think we will pretend to cook, and actually cook. The small toys are a good idea too. I read that as well somewhere. And he is obsessed with my drumset that we have upstairs whenever he has those extended periods of quiet time, he goes upstairs and tries to unlock the door to the drums.
      I really appreciate this! Thanks!

  5. I struggle with this too at times. I find that no matter how many expensive toys you buy a child all they really want to do is explore the pots and pans, empty your underware draw, and bang together wooden spoons. Start looking round your house at what you already own and think of ways a toddler can explore and use it as part of their play.
    One of my favourite sites for ideas is
    Good luck, I’m sure you’re doing a much better job than you think you are.

    • Joseph says:

      Exactly. He had the best time helping me make pancakes today, and although it resulted in pancake batter everywhere, he loved it. He got into some old milk cartons and was pretending it was a rocketship. It looks like I will be saving money on toys. Thank you, and Thanks for the site as well, I will definately be looking at that tonight.

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