Happy 29 month Birthday!!

It’s Luka’s Birthday!! Well.. not exactly. He isn’t turning 3, just 29 months old. Which also means that I am a month away from having a 2 and a half year old. I have decided that every month on the day he was born I will do a sort of progress report on his development and speech and I’ll throw in some cute things he says here and there. I can’t forget photos though… and these ones feature the all-famous pacifier that we will be giving up in the next few months. Or sooner. Hopefully sooner.

I really don’t know what he was doing here. It looks like he was pretending to be asian. This was the day that we did his hair all “spicy.” I honestly felt like I was ruining his soft luxurious hair with the gel that I put in it for him. As it should though, it washed out and his hair is still intact. Yes!


The famed paci. Lucas faithfully calls it his “suckah” and asks each morning where I put his “suckah” so he can continue the day. I find them all over the house and it is a great indication of where he goes when I’m not looking because he tends to spit them out at the scene of the crime. I have found them in the garbage can, under the bed, the toilet in my bathroom which he isn’t allowed to go into, the door to the pool always has one there because he stares outside a lot. A few have been in the dishwasher and laundry machine, a few have been found in the neighbors’ yards too.


I’ve always liked this picture of him and you can be sure to find it on our christmas card if you get one from us. We went to a garden that day. It was one of those ‘what-do-we-do-today’ sort of days that we have more and more frequently unfortunately. I guess I’m slacking in the planning department.


Again the paci makes it’s debut! This time a bit posed! Indeed he is wearing a romper. We like to call them overalls because overalls sound more manly. Something that Lucas knows all about. When asked who is more manly, Lucas or myself, he will promptly reply with: “Lulu mandy cuz Cat asdfghjkl when Lulu grrr.” Translation? Of course. “Lucas is manly because Cat is scared when Lucas growls. ”
Cat is our little kitty I bought a week before Lucas came into my life. She is scared of everything and I mean, who wouldn’t be scared of a rampaging 2 year old?


Workin’ the Big Bouncin’ Boy shirt that Leah bought for him when they moved down the street. He is trying so hard to understand what that blob is in that strange black and white photo. As a matter of fact, it is Leah’s ultrasound pictures when she was pregnant with Finn!


“Poppers!” Everybody, be warned. This, is the popsicle face. It is also the Finny face, the ‘are-you-kidding-me’ face, and the Disneyland face. I’m sure it will be another face as well down the road. I say be warned because this face signifies a promise. If you say you will get him a popsicle and he makes this face.. you now have no choice but to get him a popsicle, or ‘poppers’ as he calls them.


And again, the paci. I told you that you’d see a lot of it. (3 pictures, but still)
“Daddy.. I nap here.”


And of course, your progress report. As of today and a month or so ago, you can now wash your hands without help, name about 6 body parts, go downstairs and upstairs without help, talk about yourself, throw a ball gently, stack six blocks, draw a somewhat vertical line, (it seems to always curl and cross at the end) open locked doors, sing your ABCs (only A-D), name a friend, and jump with both feet in the air! Thanks to speech therapy and and thanks to discoveranddevour.com ‘s word wall — here he is now recognizing a few more objects that he previously had no interest in. He can say new words now such as: Bear, Love, Book, Road, Trash, School, Book bag, and Adult. Of course, because he has a phonological disorder these words come out a bit fuzzy, disoriented, and with some different letters sometimes. But he understand them and gets his point across.

This month he will be working on shapes, weather, categorizing, colors, and following requests to get ready for preschool. In a few posts back, I mentioned his behavior getting horrible and luckily that has subsided. So now he is only going to PT and ST.

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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