Splash Park

So I’ve been in and out of town lately. Last weekend I was in Los Angeles, I came home, took Lucas to a splash park and drove around enjoying some sites, and then August 1st I flew to Seattle to see my brother off. This week I am actually in the hospital. My physical health is not good at all at the moment. I may have severe heart problems and at the moment, open heart surgery is an option for me. I will be cutting off the internet while I’m here. I just don’t need to be bothered with drama from facebook or my friend’s blog posts. So I wanted to write this before I cut off for a while.

So Lucas, Leah, Finn and I went to this park that featured a splash zone. We had never been before and decided to try it out. Be careful when looking at these pictures. It’s a secret, but Lucas is actually a twin. (kidding) Lucas is wearing american flag swim trunks with blue crocs, and his best friend “Crobby” is wearing identical trunks while barefoot.


Its amazing watching these two think of little games to play in the water. They truly enjoy each others’ company.


All the boys.


Here is Coppertone Sport’s new model for their ads. That is ridiculous, but at least he looks like a California native. His trunks are way too big on him and his swim diaper kept coming off whenever he ran. I was tempted to just duct tape his diaper to him. I think I took this picture right before I fixed it. I love oversized clothes on him. It kind of makes him look older than he is. Can you believe that he is a little over 3 feet tall. Crazy. I swear last month he was just barely 3 feet. He grows soooo much. He will probably be taller or as tall as me. When I was his age I was really tall as well.


And we’ve watched the Olympics ever since the opening and Lucas always wants to wear this shirt when it comes on. He’s worn it for a good 4 days straight. I can’t get him out of it.


Leah has some pictures of Lucas while she watched him when I was gone if you want to see a cute toddler and an adorable 10 month old. Lucas really is growing in some amazing ways. He is talking SO much more and is so cuddly. He likes to describe his day and open doors and pop out to say “Boo!” He especially loves it if you pretend to fall to the ground or act utterly scared and run away. He still has no interest in potty training though. Whenever I give him a bath I ask if he wants to use the potty like a super boy does and he ferociously shakes his head and whispers a little “Nooo..” So. Still nowhere in that department but we will get there one day.

Anyways, hopefully I will be back soon with another post on my recovery and Lucas’ half birthday post. My cousin’s wedding is a few days after Lucas turns 30 months old and Lucas gets to walk down the aisle signaling the bride is coming and he gets to carry a sign and wear a suit and oh boy he looks precious. Can’t wait.

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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