Lucas’ Pa-hoot!

** Quick Update: I have been discharged today and am finally home with my cuddly toddler. My heart still has problems and I have to wear a heart monitor and an external pacemaker. For now, no surgery unless my heart gets worse. I have one thing to say.. it’s good to be home. **

On the main note, Lucas has been with me in the hospital mainly, but he also has been with Leah and Finn. Leah and Finn have actually moved into my house while Matt is in Afghanistan. It’s easier to be closer together, and Leah won’t feel alone or have to worry about finances as she is selling their home. Once Finn gets older and Matt comes back then they will buy a smaller house.
I’ve been home for a few hours and the first thing Luka asked me when I walked in the house was,

L: “Have my nee-nee?”
Me: “Lulu whats a nee-nee?”
L: “My neeeeeeee!”

Apparently Luka’s ‘suckah’ is now called a nee-nee.
Some more new things, his new fears. He’s always been scared of flushing the toilet, but he’s also now scared of monsters inhabiting the house at every time of day. We can also add to the list, the bathtub drain. We have a chain that has a plug on the end for baths and Leah said that she had to spray him down after he got sick one night and Luka’s toe went into the drain and he was hysterical.

Around animals, certain objects, and people he’s always been very outgoing. I was watching him when he got home and he refused to go near a corner of the playroom. I asked him why, and he said “Da-na-boo” which means Dinosaur bug. Also known as, a cockroach. Yes my friends, Luka found a cockroach and will now not go near the area where he found it. Not too concerned though– I hate cockroaches too.

And duh, I’ve gone a week without snapping adorable Lucas pictures.
We had a ‘Pa-hoot’! (Photoshoot)





We had to change clothes because the chocolate chips I was bribing him with melted onto him and he turned into a chocolate toddler waterfall-like mess.




Guess who turns… TWO AND A HALF on friday!!!!! Lucas Josiah thats who!!! I have decided to celebrate by going through Luka’s baby pictures that his mom sent me. Not much else. Probably bake cookies and such things. Six more months.. just six more.

Oh and Lucas is officially enrolled in preschool!! He starts in September, so thats when you will hear about his preschool days.

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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