Happy 30 month Birthday!!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Lucas!
You are now 30 months old and have 6 more months to go before you are three!
You have grown so much and I cannot believe it. Today you are actually going through developmental testing because your new doctor thinks you may not be dyspraxic if you are hitting motor milestones and more. This angers Daddy, but I just want the right diagnosis for him.
I’ve decided to post a few of Luka’s baby pictures that I have. It’s not much, and I don’t have many. Maybe 20 pictures total. I’ll only post a few though.

These pictures were taken in Detroit by Lucas’ mom, where Lucas was born and raised for a while.










I even have a family picture of Lucas and I. (and Finn and Kayla)
So, Kayla is my cousin-in-law who will be getting married in a few days to my actual cousin. She came down to do some shopping and other girly wedding stuff with Leah. We are actually pretty close. (I knew her first)
Also, this dates my first appearance on the blog. I used to look very juvenile and immature and now I get mistaken for someone much older than I am, which I love.
So here it is!

Yep, thats Kayla, Me, Finn, and Lucas alright!


And for some current Lucas pictures…

He does not like to leave this room. It’s the guest room and maybe its the bed that he likes, I’m not sure but he just loves to be in here.



And I leave you with:

Lucas Phrases: The ones he actually says most often. He’s always curious and sits by the door or window and you can hear him muttering “who” or “what”
Muh Ba – My ball
Muh Bunk – My blanket
Ah Seepy – I’m sleepy
Doooh! – Dog!
Ah Ungry – I’m hungry
Who? – Who’s that?
What? – What’s that?
Succah – Soccer
Drains!! – Trains!!
Crobby – Crosby

Lucas’ new milestones:
Count to 3 – Lucas says, “Won, Ooo, Chee!”
Name 5 body parts – “Am, Leg, Eye, Muf, Toe”
See things in pairs – He can now see two of the same thing. Nothing is wrong with his vision, but if he saw a pair of shoes, he would say “one shoe, one shoe.” Not ‘shoes’

Unfortunately we are nowhere with shapes. He knows what blocks are though and thats close to a shape. He has not mastered writing with a dominant hand. He makes a tight fist around crayons, but he will do so with both hands.

His favorite..
Word- Ooo! (Two)
Food- Pizza
Book- Go Dog, Go
Color- Blue
Toy- Thomas the tank engine
Sport- Soccer
Sports Team- Detroit.. (He knows their logo too so I end up pity buying him Detroit shirts instead of Dodgers shirts. He does have a few Dodger shirts though that he probably will never wear)
Letter- L
Friend- Crosby
TV Show- Elmo and Chuggington and Bob the Builder
Song- Bob the Builder theme song. He sings it quite well in my opinion.

Happy Birthday Lucas!

– Joseph
On a side note, San Clemente growl testing needs to quiet down a bit. And minimize the occurrences. I understand the safety part, but it seems like whenever they go off, I’m driving and it scares the **** outta me, and wakes up peaceful sleeping Lucas in his carseat. Tone it down SC… please?


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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4 Responses to Happy 30 month Birthday!!

  1. Just.A.Mum says:

    Fantastic pics! 🙂 I hope the ‘testing’ goes well for Lucas. It is so hard to know, and so often labels get thrown around, and half the time you don’t know what you are dealing with. So many little ones don’t have the vocab when they are younger, but pick it up later on. I have a friend with a 3 year old who has quite delayed speech compared to others his age. But he is still a very capable young boy. You seem to be VERY proactive as a parent when so many others are not. I am a teacher of 5 year olds and I see plenty of parents who just let others do it all for them. As Lucas gets older, you will find there are other places you can access for help and support too. :0

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks! Lucas didn’t start talking until he was 23 months old, but started doing the other big milestones right on time, if not a bit earlier. I’m starting to think that it’s just simply his speech, and he’s in a slow patch right now. Thank you again. That actually means a lot. My parents were just horrible people and didn’t do anything to help me with the problems that I have, so I just want the best for Lucas.
      I’ve noticed a lot of parents like that as well. Hopefully I will! His new ped. and therapists seem great and are very open and keen on giving advice so I’m glad I’m changing Lucas’ support team.

      I’m happy to have found your blog too! Yours, and the links on yours helped me notice that Lucas doesn’t seem very dyspraxic. He’s just slow. But I’m no doctor- just someone who knows my kid better than anyone. 🙂

  2. Just.A.Mum says:

    You are right, you know your kid better than anyone! It sounds like it may just be speech. I have a boy in my class who is very difficult to understand. He has been having speech therapy since he was 3. His mother was telling me she is going to look into whether or not he needs his tongue “clipped”(???) that sounds weird, but it frees up the tongue muscle. Youtube has some interesting clips on children who have verbal dyspraxia and not motor dyspraxia. It might be worth a look 🙂

    • Joseph says:

      Haha. I’ve heard of getting your tongue clipped actually. But yeah I had previously seen some youtube videos of that, along with Apraxia of Speech, and a few other speech disorders. Some of them I’ve watched and said “Yep Lucas does that” “Yep thats what Lucas says”
      “Yep thats how Lucas says that word”
      Then other times I’m just like “No thats not Lucas, No Lucas doesn’t do that, Lucas talks better than that”
      No matter what it is, I can understand him, and most other people can as well. If they don’t, he usually shows you or repeats it or forgets about it. No matter what he will still go to therapy and as long as he is getting help for something, I’m fine with that.

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