Oh the Blue Slide

Lucas and I have been going to several different parks lately to burn some energy and work on some developmental skills. We went to one near the beach and I gotta say, it was pretty chilly! Lucas and I bundled up when we got there. Now I’m glad that I keep changes of clothes in the car for weather surprises. Speaking of cars, I am now in the process of selling our car to buy a new one. Thing is, I have to buy one in order to sell the old one, and I am very picky with my cars especially now with Lucas so this will take a while.

So this park had a blue slide that Lucas could not get enough of. He thought it was the best thing ever.


Climbing up to the slide. This is great for him because he can’t quite use his legs and arms at the same time. Ex: Climbing. So this helps.








Despite what you may think, they are actually two ways to use a slide.





We had to try going down head first of course.


I swear this boy had more static than an old black and white television.


And Lucas has a new bike so we had to show that off around the next-door neighborhood.


Lucas is doing pretty good. He’s getting more and more sick, as in seizures, headaches, and body aches. We had one scare the other day where he stopped breathing for a few seconds in the middle of the night coming home from Los Angeles late that day. A few shakes and the start of CPR and he was back in business. Not sure if CPR would have worked in that situation in other circumstances but in this one it did. Lucas is fine now but his seizures are more common and we may be starting the ketogenic diet for him. I remember when I was on it how much I hated it so we’ll see.
In other news he starts preschool September 1st. He is in Ms. Julie’s Two’s and he is so excited. I start back school too September 5th and I am less than excited. Thats pretty much it then. Happy Back-to-school-days!

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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