First day of Preschool!!

On September 4th, 2012….. Lucas had his first day of preschool! My boy is growing up. He’s been SO ready for preschool and loved going to look for a good preschool for him because it meant he got new toys. Well we found the best one for him. One that is safe, in a good location, and has some of the best toys according to Lucas.

September 1st we went to to his open house. He was in such a mood that day. Must be so hard to be a two year old.

We practiced the carpool lane so we wouldn’t be those guys who drop off in the pick up and pick up in the drop off. All the kids get to stick themselves out of sunroofs, windows, and even get to drive once they hit the carpool lanes.

Lucas thought it was so funny– “Dat doar id in a doar!”

Here is Luka’s room…


His cubby which he is so proud of. He got to pick the color crayon to put in it and without a second guess he screamed “OWED!” (Orange)

Lucas and his teacher, Ms. Julie.

Ms. Julie’s Twos! (and threes) Lucas is in the younger 2-3 preschool class. He should be in the older 2-3’s but developmentally, a younger class will be better for him. Plus it won’t affect when he enters grade school, so why not? Miss Leighton is in his class… do you know what this means?? FUN THINGS. He was pretty bummed about not being in a class with Crosby or Creighton (they are in the 3-4s) but once he saw Leighton, and Miller, he was head over heels.

It was a must to go to the playground as well. He was so excited he kept running, stopping, turning around, turning around again, walking, running… he was so overstimulated! He must have seen some of his friends– he never waves to just anybody.

Afterwards, I had to run to Target and let me jus say, it was not raining. Remember I said how Lucas was moody this day? Well somebody insisted that he had to have a polka dot umbrella. It was do or die. My 6th sense was kicking in (my tantrum finding sense) and I gave in and bought him a $5 umbrella. It is now opened up in his room and he uses it to fight off Thomas, Percy, and the rest of the tank engines from attack.


Lucas was STOKED for his first day yesterday. It was a half day to get introductions, and adjusted to the new routine.



After, we drove to get ice cream. I may have to make it an everyday or once a week thing because he sure loves doing it. He’s so thankful afterwards too.


Elmo even sent him a card to congratulate him on completing his first day of preschool. Do you think he’s excited?

Way to go Lucas, you read that card upside down!

And Luka’s first full day was today. So was mine. We woke up at 5am, threw a screaming Lucas in a bath, threw an exhausted Joseph in the shower, I made breakfast, we ate breakfast, Lucas had a tantrum because he ‘was not old enough to ride forward facing in his car seat’ so at 7:30am we finally arrive at preschool, drop him off, and I arrive late to school. We gotta fix that.


Lucas stayed for a long time at preschool since I cant pick him up until about 3pm, so we were able to get his picture on this fine summer day at preschool.


Ready for some stats as well? Lucas had his monthly doctor’s appointment on the 31st. He weighs 33 pounds and is 37 inches tall! Not that great as he lost 4 pounds. But maybe he is just a skinny boy like me. He rarely gains weight– just drops it off like its holding him back.

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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One Response to First day of Preschool!!

  1. Just.A.Mum says:

    Ahh Preschool, an exciting and sometimes VERY stressful time! Choose the battles you fight (e.g. the umbrella) win the ones you gotta win, and let him have some victories too!! Way to go. 🙂

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