Happy 31 month Birthday!!

Lucas is 31 months old! Only 5 more months until 3?? No way.

Lucas, you are doing great considering everything you have gone through lately. You are a total trooper. Daddy had to take you to preschool today even though you don’t usually go on Mondays. He had a lot of stuff to do today like go to school, sort mail, and pay all your medical bills. He also had an appointment at his doctor for his heart. Daddy passed with waving colors. (Not flying colors because it wasn’t the best checkup) He picked you up at preschool where I got a great report of you telling everybody about your special ears. You actually screamed it at them. Lucas, kid, only you have special ears. đŸ™‚
You also played house with Miss Leighton and were the sweetest to your doll. You tried to feed your doll blocks but if that’s what you want, go for it.
You also saw Crobsy and freaked out because you haven’t seen him in a while. You tried to wander into his classroom and Ms. J had to pick you up and you started crying. You sure love Mr. Crobs. I wonder if you will always call him Crobsy instead of Crosby.

After preschool we went to Target and picked out our Thanksgiving turkey. Looks good right?


You sure do bring so much joy. You are talking so much more although nobody can actually understand you. We can pick up a word here and there but to most people it’s as if your’e speaking cling-on. Your favorite thing to say is “I hub speka erz.” (I have special ears) You told all of Target that today and yesterday you told the whole grocery store. You point out all the dogs now as dogs, and not cows like you used to. However you sometimes ask why they are not yellow or green like in your book, ‘Go Dog, Go’. Cats and bugs are still cows though.

We were looking at shoes a few days ago after you were discharged and you pointed at every one saying “Nuh…. Nuh… Nuh…. Nuh.” When we got home you grabbed your sandals and said “yeah”.
We had to get a picture of your cute little feet.


Once you start not throwing cups we can start using super boy cups. Which, of course, means no lids. Until then, enjoy your sippy/straw cups.

This is your clean face Luka. Not so clean is it…
You loooove PB&J. You ask for it all the time.


A cute moment I had with you Lucas that I will share, is when you were eating lunch yesterday. I was drinking coffee and I put some pieces of chocolate in it. You came up to me at the table and asked what I was drinking.
Lucas: What that
Daddy: It’s coffee.
Lucas: I see.
Daddy: See? (I show him the cup)
Lucas: (Smells it)
Lucas: Hey you got ca-co in yo’ sippy!!

Yes Lucas, Daddy puts ca-co in his sippy.


Lucas, I’m becoming more and more proud of you every day. You are so energetic and loving. You love to watch Elmo and you are so smart when you watch Dora. I remember a few weeks ago I said goodnight to you and as I closed your door you whisper, Adios…

I could not stop laughing.

Nothing really big on the development front. He has pretty much plateau-ed but really I think he is hiding what he knows.

Happy Birthday Lucas, You are a great little guy.

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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