I Can Dress Myself

Lucas dressed himself all by himself today. Actually, he just picked out his clothes. I am pretty much a die-hard Dodgers fan, and it’s hard to turn a die-hard Tigers fan into a Dodgers fan. So when baseball is on Lucas goes to one room and I go to the other to watch the game. Whenever we go shopping and we pass a stuffed Tiger or Tiger merchandise, Lucas wants it, and I reluctantly get it and to make up for it I buy him a Dodgers hat or something. He has never worn anything Dodgers. He has worn Colorado Rockies. He actually has a Rockies hat that he loves. He has worn Braves, Yankees, and even Red Sox. But no Dodgers. I hate to say it but I’m about to give up. At least he knows what he likes.


We went to the park and afterwards we went out to lunch and the waiter asked Lucas who is favorite player was. He responded with “Lucas.” The waiter thought it was funny but honestly Lucas truly believes that he plays for the Detroit Tigers. I always knew he had big dreams, and a big imagination. When asked again though he said “Daddy Earth.” I don’t know, I think Danny Worth and Daddy Earth are the same thing to a 2 year old.


Lucas is getting much better at talking. He’s been doing great at learning to enunciate and speak clearly, but motor skills wise and coordination wise he isn’t excelling. He tells everybody his name very clearly, along with other names, his address, and his birthday. He is learning how to string more words together and he says the funniest things. When he wants more juice, he says “I eated water”, when we wants to go outside he says “outside go Lucas, go!” and when he is bored he says “is Lucas bod?” with the most inquisitive look on his face. He is very possessive. He’s been getting in trouble at preschool for telling everybody that the stuff there is his. His toys, his books, his rug, his snacks. He just loves to talk right now and I love listening to him.


When he walked onto the field here he asked me with the most serious and concerned look on his face..

“Where my Tigers at, the game late?”

Which means ‘Where are my Tigers at, are they late to the game?’

Not my proudest moment, for I would have loved to hear him say Dodgers, but it was adorable nonetheless.

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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