Stroller Shopping

Lucas’ second hand Graco stroller broke. It got stuck when it was folded, so in a hurry I slammed it on the ground and the handle actually broke. I felt like the Hulk.

So I got stuck carrying Lucas. All over Los Angeles. For about 5 hours. Sometimes I thank him for being underweight and light, but every passing second he felt heavier and heavier.

So this week I’ve been stroller shopping. I have been stared at, given nasty looks at, and been asked if I needed assistance. Can you tell already that I felt totally lost? I ended up buying two strollers. A small lightweight one for just a short little walk or to keep in the car (which I also just bought, I am super excited) when we decide to stop somewhere unexpectedly, and a larger one for longer walks and outings.

The lightweight one I bought was by UppaBaby. The G-LUXE is just perfect for Lucas. This is the one I bought…


It’s under 11 pounds, reclines for when Lucas wants to sleep, and has a cup holder for either Lucas or I. I love the colors because they are so bright and Lucas likes how comfortable it is. Having it be washable was also important, and it is. And folding it and unfolding it is a synch.

The other one I bought was a Maclaren Techno XLR. Take my breath away.
I didn’t think I could love a stroller so much.

Here was my list of essentials:
– Not bulky
– Storage
– Cup holder
– Pockets
– Shade for Lucas
– Maneuverability
– Easy folding
– Bright
– Washable
– Can be used for a long time
– 4 Stars or higher
– Lucas likes it
– Lucas can easily climb into it, but not out.


This is the one we bought, and it has everything. It holds up to 65 pounds which Lucas probably wont reach until he is 10, its durable, has flawless maneuverability, it’s not bright but I still like the dark brown/black. It has a 5 star rating, Lucas loves it, oh and you can buy an extra storage basket that slips over the handles for car keys, pacifiers, etc. (I also bought that add-on for $25)

This may be just me, but I feel like I earned my Mommy Shopper award this time.

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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