Happy 32 month Birthday!

Happy 32 month birthday Lucas! 4 more months until you are a three year old! Lucas and I went to the local festival a week or so ago and had a blast. He is excelling in preschool, and he really seems as if his disabilities are not even bothering him. He has been just growing away physically and mentally and developmentally. His speech is through the roof. We increased his speech therapy to 3 times a week, and he goes to special classes at preschool for half an hour. He can now say, clearly

Park (it sounds more like ‘part’ but hey close enough)

This is so big for him and he is really just blossoming. If we can keep this up, he might be testing at a normal range for speech soon. Currently he is testing at a 21 month level for speech, and a bit past 2 years for physical development. I’m not sure exactly.

I loved that Lucas went straight for the Marines helicopter. We talk about Uncle Matty a lot. Especially now that he has been flown back to Afghanistan to complete his deployment. He has been diagnosed with PTSD, but he is back in full health and is on medication which he will continue to take while in Afghanistan.

He enjoyed the helicopter, but he had to intention to ride it again. He did so good at Disney I’m not sure why he was apprehensive here.


The slide was probably a favorite. I think he rode about 20 times.

I’m not joking.


I went up with him at first. But after the first, I was out. Lucas had to do it himself if he wanted to do it again. And he did.




Face painting was a must, and our new favorite movie is Nemo, so we had to get Nemo-ized.


This is my favorite picture of him and will go in the header image on the blog when I get some more pictures together that are good quality. He just looks so little, but dignified and boyish.


Yes, we won a Nemo.


And a real Nemo.


Our friend Leighton has a fish pond that we donated Nemo to. He can see Nemo and Leighton whenever he likes! He is just a tad young to care for a fish, and a tad ‘i really dont care about my fish after the first day.’

A few little kids told me afterwards that Luka kept saying to himself, “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.”
A phrase Leah says all the time…. Melt me.


Luka and Mr. Randal rode the bumper cars, and Luka and I were so proud of Luka for doing it, but he was an exasperated mess of tears at the end.


By the way, do you like the new hair? Luka got a haircut a few days ago. It’s already long again, but he looked good while it lasted! (Well, he always looks good.. 😛 )

Lucas, you are just g-r-o-w-i-n-g, and I love watching you grow. You make me so happy, and I love you beyond words.

Keep it up little man!

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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