Pumpkin Picking

Yesterday I took Lucas to go pick out our pumpkin. This will be our real first holiday together and I am stoked. Lucas has an adorable costume for Trick ‘r’ Treatin’ and he is really into the whole concept of, ‘If I look cute, I get candy’ which is basically what I’ve been telling him.


Lucas originally wanted a large pumpkin, but when he realized that pumpkins were heavy, he opted for the smaller ones.


He found the perfect pumpkin and was running around with it screaming “Poooooompkun! Pooooompkun!!”

Then we had to drive the tractor which was a big hit. Lucas loves to drive. We have one of those Hummers for toddlers and he plays with it outside for hours on end. When he got to drive the tractor, he was thrilled.



Let me now add that it wasn’t a real tractor. It was some old broken down tractor that Lucas was entirely too happy to see. He immediately climbed up there, fell on his but, then cried until I sat him up on the seat.

And look how tall he is! He is the tallest in his class at preschool. And he’s also the most disruptive. He’s had 4 red papers in the past 5 classes. If Lucas gets a red paper in his behavior chart/slot, then it means he’s been very bad, he goes to time out and doesn’t get the end of the day treat. If he gets a green paper, then he’s been excellent all day and gets the end of the day treat and a gold star on his behavior chart. If it’s a yellow paper, he’s been to time out once, and hasn’t been very super, but he got better throughout the day.


His teacher wants us to practice good behavior at home, which we do. Lucas still has problems hearing though and I think that’s the problem. But he’s speaking better and hopefully by the end of the year we can all finally understand him.

– Joseph


About Joseph

18 year old dad raising a special needs 2 year old, while struggling with Dravet Syndrome.
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